Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Encoding problem
Author K. Kumakura
> >I hava a problem that some of SJIS characters are not correctly
> >fetched in Firebird 1.5.0, and Jaybird 1.0.0 environment.
> >
> >I hava a database with character fields encoded in SJIS_0208.
> >If a charcter field contains SJIS characters such as 0x8740,
> >they are not correctly converted to Unicode.
> >For example, a SJIS character 0x8740 is uncorrectly converted
> >to u\fd40(should be converted to u\2460, I guess).
> >
> >I specified lc_type=SJIS_0208 in database connection URL.
> >Do I need to specify any other parameters in URL?
> >
> There are a file named "" in the resources directory
> of the CVS, included also in the driver jar file.
> This file gives the equivalence between FB charsets and Java charsets.
> At least there a mistake for SJIS_0208, there are two equivalences for
> SJIS_0208 and the first one seems to be wrong.
> Please try to remove/comment the following line in
> SJIS_0208 MS932
> and tell us if this correction solves your problem.

I commented the second one, then characters get converted
correctly. Note the second one is wrong.

Thank you for your help.