Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Encoding problem
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

At 16/05/2003 11:15 +0900, K Kumakura wrote:
>I hava a problem that some of SJIS characters are not correctly
>fetched in Firebird 1.5.0, and Jaybird 1.0.0 environment.
>I hava a database with character fields encoded in SJIS_0208.
>If a charcter field contains SJIS characters such as 0x8740,
>they are not correctly converted to Unicode.
>For example, a SJIS character 0x8740 is uncorrectly converted
>to u\fd40(should be converted to u\2460, I guess).
>I specified lc_type=SJIS_0208 in database connection URL.
>Do I need to specify any other parameters in URL?

There are a file named "" in the resources directory
of the CVS, included also in the driver jar file.

This file gives the equivalence between FB charsets and Java charsets.

At least there a mistake for SJIS_0208, there are two equivalences for
SJIS_0208 and the first one seems to be wrong.

Please try to remove/comment the following line in

SJIS_0208 MS932

and tell us if this correction solves your problem.

Blas Rodriguez Somoza