Subject Problems connecting via jdbc
Author Marco Ferretti
Hi there.
I just downloaded the final release of FirebirdSQL and am trying to use it with winXp client winNt db server (I know there's an easiest way to throw money, but that's the environment).
As Roman said in a reply, I used the firebirdsql-full.jar.
I first tested the connection with squirrel-sql client and everything worked fine.
I the tried to connect ,in the classical way , via an application I am developing  :
Connection cnn = DriverManager.getConnection(url,user,pwd);
where url is "jdbc:firebird:tame-db/3050:d:\\Database\\FireBird\\SID\\SID.GDB
but I get a "No suitable driver" exception.
Note that I can connect&operate via squirrel and that I copied the configuration strings from there.
Any clue ?