Subject Re: Server-Client Configuration
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> I am a french student in placement and i had to build a Java Bean
> connected to a Firebird database. My database is installed on a Linux
> Server and i had to access to this server with a Windows 2000 client.
> So, I think i had to install a JDBC driver named "Jaybird", must I
> install Jaybird only on the client computer ?

Right. This is type 4 JDBC driver, it speaks native wire protocol of
the database server and does not require any additional component on
the server side (except database server, of course ;)

Installation consists of extracting libraries from the .zip file.
There is no install script. Also read the release notes and FAQ,
there's a lot of useful information.

> Then I had to configure Jbuilder, but I use Jbuilder 3 (an old
> version...) and i didn't any documentation which explain me how to
> install the libraries in this version of JBuilder.

I do not remember how to do this in JBuilder 3, but in JBulder 4 you
can specify a library for a project: Project | Properties | tab
"Path", subtab "Libraries" (maybe last two names are different).

You have to create a library for your project that includes
firebirdsql-full.jar (this is a standalone version of JayBird). Also
try to find information about configuring JBuilder 3 with any JDBC
driver, JayBird is just a normal JDBC driver, so there should be no
problems there.

Unfortunatelly I cannot tell you how to configure Borland database
access components, but I suspect that this is described somewhere.

Some hints:

Driver class name: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
JDBC URL format: jdbc:firebirdsql://server/path/to/database.gdb
Default account (usually changed after installation by db admin):
user name: SYSDBA
password : masterkey

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy