Subject REPOST: Next JayBird Release?
Author Hugh J Borst
Hi All;

This is a re-post.

Our product is working very nicely with a CVS build of JayBird, which
has resolved many of the stability and performance issues that we had
been experiencing with InterClient/InterServer. However, we would like
to release the product with an "official" build of the driver. Would
anyone care to venture an idea of when another build might be released,

Thanks much!

Hugh Borst

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Subject: Next JayBird Release?

Hello All;
We have been using a recent CVS build of JayBird (of, say, two weeks
ago) and have thus far been very happy with the results.  We are
preparing to go to system & user acceptance testing soon and would like
to deliver our release on an “official” JayBird build.  Would someone
please let us know when the next official build is planned for release?
Thanks very much.
Hugh J Borst