Subject Re: Jaybird problems
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> I traced out a problem with intermittent Jaybird errors.
> Persistence service that maps XML messages to Java objects and than
> to DBMS uses native Jaybird interfaces in a few places.
> And it may save independent objects in several threads accessing one
> connection. This works fine with Oracle and other drivers, but not
> with Jaybird.
> So this is my fault. The question is: why do I need to use wrapper
> objects implementing Connection, PreparedStatment, ... interfaces
> to get JDBC conformance ?
> It is clearly stated in spec that driver needs to be thread-safe to
> comply to any JDBC standard. Why Jaybird doesn't do it ?
> This causes data corruption. Here the link to a part of JDBC spec
> about thread-safety:

Thanks for finding a bug. I will try to introduce quick'n'dirty fix so
that each call of FBConnection object will be syncronized and
FBStatement & co. will synchronize on their FBConnection instance.