Subject Off topic: ResultSets by range
Author javier_castanon
Hi everyone!

We require to generate PDF reports from Interbase and the
JasperReports library. However, the amount of recources required
to generate those reports is huge. JasperReports requires us to
feed it with a ResultSet, from which it generates the corresponding
PDF file.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to implement ResultSets of
lets say 10,000 records each one? We have tables with up to
150,000 records. We believe perhaps doing this process directly
in the database with temporal tables and stored procedures could
be a feasible approach.

Finally , I'd like to give big, big, big thanks to all the
contributors of this driver. Kindest regards


PS: I'm writing a Jakarta Torque DB adapter for JayBird, besides
enabling some open source applications to work both with Firebird and