Subject Re: Off topic: ResultSets by range
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> We require to generate PDF reports from Interbase and the
> JasperReports library. However, the amount of recources required
> to generate those reports is huge. JasperReports requires us to
> feed it with a ResultSet, from which it generates the corresponding
> PDF file.
> Anyone have any suggestions on how to implement ResultSets of
> lets say 10,000 records each one? We have tables with up to
> 150,000 records. We believe perhaps doing this process directly
> in the database with temporal tables and stored procedures could
> be a feasible approach.

If you need help with SQL, you should ask in IB-Support group
( Without knowing your
application it is hard to tell anything.

Just few facts that might be helpful:

a) Firebird does not have temp tables, instead it has selectable
procedures and people claim that it is better; :)

b) Firebird support SELECT FIRST n SKIP m clause that allows you to
select part of the result set.

c) JayBird in auto-commit mode fetches complete result set to the client;

Unfortunatelly I'm not acquainted with JasperReports, so I hardly can
give any advice. In general, in such applications you should execute a
select statement that returns you prepared report. Then you simply
traverse it.

> PS: I'm writing a Jakarta Torque DB adapter for JayBird, besides
> enabling some open source applications to work both with Firebird
> and JayBird.

Thanks for your support! If you need any help with JayBird, just ask
it here :)

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy