Subject Re: Want to contribute some code
Author jeeggers

but now I feel like an idiot: I got the latest source from CVS so
that I could apply the changes (I had previously made changes to a
jad-decompiled version) and I found that the 'official' source of the
class doesn't look anywhere near what I had decompiled. In fact,
none of the 7 versions of XdrInputStream look anything like the one I
decompiled from the driver jar...

The one from the driver has a method readOpaque() which is highly
inefficient, whereas the one in CVS is correct. On the one hand that
means I don't have to submit any changes, on the other hand I'm
stumped: Why would there be a class in the driver that doesn't seem
to exist in CVS ? I'm new to CVS, so maybe I just don't see it...



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> You submit few first changes through one of the current developers.
> If everything is ok, you get CVS write access.