Subject Re: Want to contribute some code
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> but now I feel like an idiot: I got the latest source from CVS so
> that I could apply the changes (I had previously made changes to a
> jad-decompiled version) and I found that the 'official' source of
> the class doesn't look anywhere near what I had decompiled. In
> fact, none of the 7 versions of XdrInputStream look anything like
> the one I decompiled from the driver jar...
> The one from the driver has a method readOpaque() which is highly
> inefficient, whereas the one in CVS is correct. On the one hand
> that means I don't have to submit any changes, on the other hand
> I'm stumped: Why would there be a class in the driver that doesn't
> seem to exist in CVS ? I'm new to CVS, so maybe I just don't see
> it...

Where did you get your driver? When? Most likely you just have a very
old version of the driver. IIRC, big changes were made by Blas
Rodriguez Somoza approx. in October-November, that was either between
beta and RC1, or somewhere between RC1 and RC2.

Also somewhere between beta and RC2 David Jencks changed directory
structure, so all previous versions of classes can be found in Attic
(in fact, XdrInputStream can be found in Attic of client-
java/src/org/firebirdsql/jgds; you can use "Browse CVS" feature of to find the date of move).

Currently available binary version is RC3.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy