Subject Putting class 2 drv native code in CVS.
Author Ryan Baldwin
Hi Roman,

I feel it would be a good time to at put the native code for the type 2
driver modifications in cvs. This would help me work on the code from
different locations which I will need to do to make build's for other
platforms - also to make it possible for others to contribute.

I was told your the person to ask about where to place this. I assume that
it should go in the client-java module. If so then where in client-java is
the question.

I hope to keep the native code self contained so that it can be built on
entirely its own. I dont know if this is the best idea though.

I was thinking that once the java side does get intergrated it might be an
idea to have binaries for this library in cvs so that the ant build file can
package them with the distribution possible. These binaries would be kept in
sync with the corrisponding cvs version of the java code.

Anyhow - for now getting it imported is the main thing so I would be
gratefull for any help you can provide.