Subject RE: Putting class 2 drv native code in CVS.
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Ryan,

> I feel it would be a good time to at put the native code for the type 2
> driver modifications in cvs. This would help me work on the code from
> different locations which I will need to do to make build's for other
> platforms - also to make it possible for others to contribute.

This would be very good. But can you wait approx. one week (actually till
the begining of the next week)? I would like to clean up JayBird's code that
will be released and fork a release branch. Then we can add your code into
the main source tree.

If you still prefer to add it to the CVS now, then I think we have to put it
in a directory parallel to the src/main/, because your java code "conflicts"
with existing code in src/main/

> I was told your the person to ask about where to place this. I assume that
> it should go in the client-java module. If so then where in client-java is
> the question.

I think client-java would be the right place.

What about:

client-java/src/native - for native code.
client-java/src/ngds - for your Java code if you want to commit now.

> I hope to keep the native code self contained so that it can be built on
> entirely its own. I dont know if this is the best idea though.

Good. BTW, if you like, you can check David Jencks' build.xml to build
native part of InterClient. You may consider ant as a build environment for
your code too.

> I was thinking that once the java side does get intergrated it might be an
> idea to have binaries for this library in cvs so that the ant
> build file can package them with the distribution possible. These
> binaries would be kept in sync with the corrisponding cvs version of the
> java code.

Makes sense. Not every Java developer has C/C++ build environment, so having
pre-compiled version of library would be a nice thing.

> Anyhow - for now getting it imported is the main thing so I would be
> gratefull for any help you can provide.

Have you thought about the license for your code? May I suggest LGPL, same
as JayBird main code? Note, you must add a license to all your files before
committing them. If your license will be different from LGPL or MPL/IPL
(these are currently approved and in use), I think we will need to discuss
the license question in firebird-devel list.

Roman Rokytskyy

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