Subject Re: Jaybird and API calls
Author bsstmiller <>
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy
<rrokytskyy@a...>" <rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > > with current implementation you can explore your database, check
> > > metadata, etc. jdbc does not know anything about triggers and
> > > generators, so this is not available via jdbc api. but it can be
> > > implemented additionally.
> >
> > Was that an offer to help :-)
> Yes, but with no schedule committment.
> > > however to get something similar to ibconsole is relatively easy.
> > > there is open-source java gui called squirrel-sql. one needs to
> > > add firebird plugin and we will need to add all needed and
> > > unimplemented api calls.
> >
> > Is that something the Jaybird crowd would be willing to do?
> This is really easy task. There is Oracle plugin and you have to
> change it a little to get Firebird plugin. I had an idea of asking
> developer of that Oracle plugin to create one for Firebird, but we
> decided to wait until we get needed functionality in driver itself
> and/or FBManager class to simplify plugin development (no queries on
> system tables, but method calls like in DatabaseMetaData).
> > Jave - Less programming, minor deployment issues, no Services API
> If we get type 2 driver running, Services API will be available to.
> > C++ - Lots of programming, no deployment issues, Most Services API
> > Python - Medium Programming, major deployment issues, Most Services
> > API
> >
> > We have several programmers ready to help out and are mostly C++
> > programmers (I am a Delphi programmer). So if we can get some help
> > in implementing the services API and one or two seasoned Java
> > programmers to join the group, then I think Java would make the
> > most sense.
> > Many of us have JBuilder and there are lots of programming tools
> > available for Java.
> I think we as driver developers will do our best to implement as many
> features as possible. But I personally is not willing to start
> learning GUI programming now.
> Best regards,
> Roman Rokytskyy

We have people who are willing to do the GUI. Its the API issue
holding back a Java solution. I think the group is leaning toward
C++ and wxWindows. I the group is hoping to start coding in a couple
of weeks. Thanks for everyone's responses.