Subject Jaybird and replication
Author Nickolay Samofatov
Hello, All !

Firebird 1.5 added several features to SQL to make replication/logging
implementation easier (like TRANSACTION_ID and CONNECTION_ID pseudo-columns,
explicit record locks, savepoints, universal triggers, etc).
I have working cross-platform (Oracle<=>MSSQL<=>Firebird<=>local) multi-master
replication engine based on those features.

But replication subscriber needs to know some database state
information to be efficient (oldest active transaction,
oldest interesting transaction, etc). This information is currently
inaccessible in Jaybird.

I can send patch for review (or commit it myself) that fixes the problem:
1. Fixes broken isc_database_info call
2. Gives public access to isc_db_handle from FBManagedConnection and

Suggestions ?

Best regards,
Nickolay Samofatov mailto:skidder@...