Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Character set in url
Author Andrew Guts
Roman Rokytskyy wrote:

>>My problem is that like so many other tools it simply uses
>>DriverManager.getConnection(url, user, password) so I cannot pass
>>the character set in a properties object.
>>I vaguely remember a discussion about supporting the lc_type in the
>>url to get around this problem. Did anything happen about that? I
>>looked in the source and could see no tests of a character set
>>passed as part of the url.
>Yes, this feature is supported. Any isc_dpb_* parameter from FB API
>can be passed in URL using standard notation:
>When using XML configuration files pay attention that & should be
>written as &, so actually URL will look like this:
> <name>url</name>
> <value>jdbc:....mydb.gdb?lc_ctype=UNICODE_FSS&...</value>
Hello Roman,

There is another trouble with passing parameters in URL.
When resource was defined in context.xml the web application works till
tomcat restart.
When context.xml embeds into server.xml during deployment
all encodings like & are converted to according characters.
And server.xml becames invalid for next parsing.
I do not know how to work it around.