Subject Re: Obscure error
Author Roman Rokytskyy <>
> An empty string is not the same as a null string and by extension
> I would say that an empty blob is not the same as a null blob
> either. In your application you may decide that an empty blob
> should be null. And perhaps the JDBC spec equates the two. The
> SQL standard does not.

What is empty blob? Does it have some special ID? How can I generate
empty blob?

Reported error happens when server returns blob ID 0 (or at least it
is decoded as 0). However in driver this value is an indicator to
create new blob. JayBird creates it and waits for a client to start
writing data into it. However, this blob belongs to SELECT and client
tries to read from newly created blob. Since this operation makes
little sense to driver, it raises an exception.

Now question: can blob ID be 0? Does it mark empty blob?