Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Jaybird port to J2ME?
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

At 02/02/2003 13:52 +0000, Roman Rokytskyy <rrokytskyy@...> wrote:
>> I'm don't think it is so difficult.
>> I'll try to compile my version of the driver with J2ME and then we
>> I will now more exactly which changes are needed.
>Even if you manage to get it compile, it will be quite big. I still
>think that J2ME-specific classes is more appropriate solution.
>org.firebirdsql.gds.* and org.firebird.sql.jgds.* have approx. 140k
>uncompressed size. org.firebirdsql.jdbc.* itself is 322k of
>uncompressed size. Having some experience with J2ME-enabled phones,
>I'm very concerned about heap size.

JDBC support is only available for J2ME CDC, which is not designed for phones but for PDA, communicators and other devices and with greater memoty requirements, the specification mention a minimum of 2 MB for the java JVM and libraries.

According to sun, phones should use J2ME CDLC which don't include support for jdbc.

Blas Rodriguez Somoza