Subject RC3
Author Roman Rokytskyy <>

I have fixed few bugs. Open bugs are:

a) 575397: SERIALIZABLE is not isc_tpb_consistency - there is no
final agreement between developers about mapping.

b) 630749: implement isc_info_sql_stmt_savepoint - will be
implemented in JayBird 1.5.

c) 631090: Calling stored procedures - cannot be fixed with current
Firebird implementation.

d) 638074: JUnit Errors in JayBird Build - known issue, not driver
problem, but test case problem.

e) 645725: getBestRowIdentifier() not working - not yet implemented.

Therefore, I think we can proceed with RC3.

David, Blas, do you have any comments on this issue? Does anybody
else have some newly discovered bugs?

Roman Rokytskyy