Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] help on embeded java - still having problems
Author Ryan Baldwin

>Actually I was reading the docs - they say rename it to gds32.dll

I think this is an 'easy' way to get an application to use the embedded
server without having to modify the application. Jaybird will actually look
for fbembed.dll when you ask it too work in embedded mode. If you ask it too
work in type 2 mode it will look for fbclient.dll first and failing that

What we can tell from the exception is that it is the call to win32's
LoadLibrary function that is failing. This will most likley be due too a
failure to find fbembed.dll itself or a failure to load fbembed.dll due to
one of its dependancies missing. You may want too ensure that 'msvcp60.dll'
is available to your app(either in System32 or alongside fbembed.dll)

>Still I am fighting with logging - may be it will tell me what is the
>problem - finding or loading embedded dll.
>How to enable logging

I'm afraid I do not know for sure what might be causing this problem - I
assume you mean when running the tests via build.xml. When I run these tests
I get test.log in {jaybird_sourcetree_root}/output/log. Because this just
works for me I have never been too concerned about it and thus do not know
what could cause it not to be generated.

If running through your own app maybe you need to configure the log4j
system. A simple way would be to do


This I beleive would then enable logging to the console by default. or


to load a logging configuartion file.

Perhaps somone else might have a better idea regarding this ?

Hope this helps