Subject Re: Inconsistent read / writes
Author rrokytskyy

> Could it be that this is an Interclient issue and that the
> Interserver component of Interclient, sets up a read transaction
> for each java connection (thus taking a DB 'snapshot') and only
> commits the transaction after the connection is destroyed, while
> the firebirdsql driver does not? Perhaps a difference in autocommit
> implementations ?

As far as I remember, InterClient correctly supports all JDBC
transaction isolation levels (except probably TRANSACTION_NONE).
InterClient has some parameters in TPB for autocommit mode, however
it seems that nobody knows what do they mean (probably Borland's
undocumented feature). I do not know if this causes the problem or

> We use Firebird SS server version 1.0.

From my personal experience Firebird CS works faster on Linux. Also,
if you have more than one processor OS will correctly distribute the
load between processors.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy