Subject Inconsistent read / writes
Author natalvc

We are developing a web-based database application and have come a
long way already using Interbase, Interclient and Tomcat running on
Linux. We synchronise our Linux database periodically with MS Access
using an ODBC driver (from XTG Systems) on the Windows platform.

During testing, we've run into a very serious issue which pretty much
makes our entire system unusable. In short, it is exactly the same
problem as in this post,
Java/message/1208, from Marczisovszky Daniel :

"I get a connection and starts reading a record from it, periodically,
but always on the same connection. If I change that record from isql,
nothing happens, I still get the previous value for that record. I've
also tried IBConsole but that did not help either. The interesting
thing I tried QuickDesk and If I change the record with that, then I
get the new value in the java program. I tried also with FIBPlus in
Delphi (QuickDesk also uses FIBPlus) but the java still shows the
previous value."

We use the DBConnectionBroker from JavaExchange which always keeps a
certain number of connections open and reuses them. As a result, if
we remotely change the data via MS Access and the ODBC driver, it is
NOT reflected in the output of our Java code. The only way to make
the changed data visible is to restart the connection broker (which
in our current setup means restarting Tomcat).

Has this issue been resolved or is this standard behaviour? Is there
a workaround?

Natal Vande Casteele