Subject Re: Inconsistent read / writes
Author natalvc
> > "I get a connection and starts reading a record from it,
> periodically,
> > but always on the same connection. If I change that record from
> isql,
> > nothing happens, I still get the previous value for that record.
> I've
> > also tried IBConsole but that did not help either. The interesting
> > thing I tried QuickDesk and If I change the record with that,
then I
> > get the new value in the java program. I tried also with FIBPlus
> > Delphi (QuickDesk also uses FIBPlus) but the java still shows the
> > previous value."
> I think this is what you could call standard behaviour and is
> to the the transaction model. Basically a snopshot of the DB is
> when the transaction is created and only changes within the current
> transaction will be reflected. This becomes a problem when you have
> single connection doing a lot of reads as it never gets refreshed.
> The easiest solution to this is to get a new transaction by either
> calling commit or release (i think commit is slightly more
> provided you are only doing selects).
> Hope this helps

From what I understand, apparently a transaction is created then when
I call "getConnection()" (using Interclient) and that transaction is
not released until I destroy that Java connection? Wouldn't it be
more correct if the transaction was created on calling the
createStatement() or executeQuery(..) functions?

Natal Vande Casteele