Subject Change firebirdsql license to lgpl only? and, lets release next version.
Author David Jencks
I'd like to change the firebirdsql driver license from dual mpl/lgpl to
lgpl only. I have a hard time imagining this affecting anyones use of it
except for stealing our code.

I'm not entirely sure what we legally need (I might be able to just delete
the mpl part according to its own terms) but I think all the contributors
should agree on this, so if you have contributed code please respond.

Note that the current version will remain in cvs under the current dual
license, and the "lgpl only" will basically apply only to new work. I'll
tag everything before changing the license.

After we decide on this, does anyone have work they want to get in before
we release the long awaited next version?

Should we call it version 1.0 RC1 or just live on the edge and claim 1.0?

david jencks