Subject Build system moved and a couple of jars eliminated
Author David Jencks

I moved the build system to a more standard location, namely the root of
client-java. This involved changing build.bat WHICH I CANNOT TEST. If you
use windows, please try checking out and building with build.bat and report
any problems. I did not see the need for lcp.bat so did not move it. Let
me know if it is needed.

I also eliminated connector.jar and the jta-spec1_0_1.jar and replaced them
with a mini-j2ee.jar built of classes from the jboss j2ee implementation.

What remains are:

concurrent.jar, which we only use a few classes from. This can be pruned.

jaas.jar. I believe these classes are included in jdk 1.4. We only need
Subject, but I doubt we can distribute just one class.

jdbc 3 jar. This is also included in jdk 1.4. I don't know if we can
distribute it. It may be possible to get this from jboss also.

david jencks