Subject Firebird, Eclipse and Stellation - anyone using all of them?
Author Rodolfo M. Raya

I use Eclipse as IDE for most of my Java development and I would like to know if anyone else in this list is using it.

There's a new project at called Stellation. Here is a quote from
Stellation is an advanced extendable software configuration management system. While Stellation provides all of the standard functions available in any SCM system, it is distiguished by a number of advanced features, such as project-oriented versioning and lightweight branching, intended to ease the development of software systems by large groups of loosely coordinated developers.

Stellation is also intended to be a platform for research on tools and systems that exploit fine-grained management of software artifacts, such as dynamic program organization, inter-programmer and inter-group communication and coordination, and UI mechanisms that effectively make use of these capabilities.

Stellation provides both a set of Eclipse plugins for using Stellation as a VCM provider for Eclipse, and a command line tool for using Stellation as a standalone SCM system.

Currently Stellation works with PostgreSQL and soon it will work with DB2. I would like to use it with Firebird.

Today I posted a message at Stellation's developers list asking for help in porting Stellation to Firebird. Now I want to ask here if anyone from this list is interested in joining me on that task.

Thanks for your attention and have a great weekend,


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