Subject Empty blob query problem
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I am having problems with queries that return empty blob fields. They
worked fine with InterClient, and I only had to check the
resultset.getBytes() to see if it was null or not.

Now with the Firebird JDBC driver I keep getting the following
exception, which is driving me nutz.

java.sql.SQLException: You can't read a new blob

First of all, it's not a new blob but an empty one.

So if it was to return an exception it should be
You can't read a null or empty blob.

Now to go one step further, an exception should not be thrown at all. As
I will check the resultset to see if it is null or not. Like I could
with InterClient.

This is causing some features of my Java apps that depend on retrieving
multiple blob fields to fail. Even though some of the blob fields are
full, it only takes on empty one to get this exception.

Could this be changed, or addressed ASAP. As I do not want to have to
use InterClient, and this is the only reason why I would go back to


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