Subject Re: Can't connect to DB
Author rrokytskyy

> No matter what I use for a global classpath, Tomcat ignores it.
> Although from my experience in the gui so far, all I need is the
> connector.jar, not the rest.

You can also try to merge all jar files into bigger one (usually I
call it firebirdsql-full.jar), but I doubt that it will help :(

> Because of Tomcat ignoring my global classpath, I always place
> symbolic links to any .jar I use in Tomcat that are not site
> specific. So I do have a symbolic link for firebirdswl.jar and the
> connector.jar.

Should not be a problem. AFAIK, Java does know nothing about
symlinks, so they are normal files to it.

> I have tried the other .jars but no difference. I have to have the
> connector.jar or I can't through exceptions due to the
> javax.resources.* not being there. But the rest do not seem to make
> a difference.

connector.jar, jaas.jar and jta-spec1_0_1.jar must be there, classes
from it are used in the heart of the driver. But they became common,
so Tomcat can have its own version.

> Although there is one more difference between my GUI and the
> servlet. The servlet is a connection pool. It uses the same base
> class that the gui uses, but it creates several connections. 15
> total initially, and I get logs saying that all fifteen failed. So
> I am not sure if the speed of trying to connect several times is
> screwing things up.

Recently I have discovered some problems with multithreaded access to
JDBC connection. But it was related to statement execution, not
opening connection. Can you try your pool with only one connection?

Can you run your Tomcat in debugger (like Borland JBuilder or
Eclipse)? Our exception handling has some places for improvement, and
debugger might help.

I will try to modify exception handling, so that we do not loose any
information. Unfortunatelly I cannot tell you how long will it take...

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy