Subject Can't connect to DB
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
I am experiencing some weirdness I can't find an explanation for.

I have two machines, one my laptop, and the other a development server.
I can connect from my laptop to the DB's using the JCA-JDBC driver, as a
plain JDBC driver via the firebirdsql.jar.

When I attempt the same from my development server I cannot?

I do get the following error
java.sql.SQLException: Problem getting connection: could not get a db

Which is pretty obvious but not specific. I have verified the
classpath's and everything on the two machines to be the same.

The only difference is on my laptop I am using the JDBC driver as part
of a Java GUI. On the development server I am using the JDBC driver in a
servlet running on Tomcat. Although that really does not explain the
problem I am having.

I do not believe it to be a problem with the servlet since it worked
fine with InterClient. Outside of some strange errors from InterClient
when I switched to Firebird from InterBase.

Both machines run RedHat Linux, and both machines are aware of the
service that runs on port 3050 via the /etc/services file. The db runs
on a dedicated RedHat Linux machine, so both have the same access to it.

So I am sort of stuck for an explanation. Why one works fine and the
other no go? I can't see it being a Tomcat issue, but I guess it could

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