Subject Driver status
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

I was working on compliance and performance the last two months, I think now the work is finished with the exception of a
performance issue in autocommit mode.

I evaluate the driver compliance and performance with jDatamaster and the results are the following:

1.- The driver comply with JDBC except three non implemented methods. Interclient 2.01 fails in 161 tests.
2.- The Driver performs better than Interclient excluding inserts with autocommit. The difference is greater on remote

Until now the message about JCA-JDBC Driver is that it does implement JDBC less than Interclient, and that it performs worse the
Interclient. Now we can say that JCA-JDBC implement JDBC much better than Interclient does and that excluding autocommit, the Driver
performs better than Interclient.

I have commited some changes to JDBC20_compliance.html, the performance tests are now included in the document.

The only thing to be enhanced until version 1.0 is the performance in autocommit mode. Perhaps we reuse Fb transactions using
commit_retaining. It will be great if the driver performs better than Interclient also in Autocommit mode.

Blas Rodriguez Somoza.