Subject JCA-JDBC and J2EE

this is just for discussion. I don't wont to criticize.
At least that one having a lot of work realizing JCA-JDBC
for Firebird!

At the last few days I had (and found others) a litle discussion
in this newsgroup about installation of JCA-JDBC. Last Friday I got
a IBPhoenix CD with "the whole curent material". Trying to make
Firebird and IBPhoenix work was not possible. This happened because
I had no internet connection and I had no j2ee.jar!

First I gave my complier just firebirdsql.jar. Then I gave him
connector.jar. The next one was jta-spec1_0_1.jar. The compiler
still was not able to translate because the class javax.sql.DataSource
was missed. Looking at my JDBC-Documentation I found out that this class
can be found in j2ee.jar!

There is no trouble concentrating on J2EE. But this makes it impossible
using JCA-JDBC in Applets. Fortunately my project does not need
Applets! Otherwise this would be a knock out.

As I that: Just for discussion. Not for criticism!

Thanks, by
Hans Georg