Subject Re: InterClient vs. JCA-JDBC
Author rrokytskyy

> What about the discussions in this newsgroup? Having no other
> experience than just reading the news here I would come to the
> result that connecting via JCA-JDBC is much more slower than via
> interclient. Your own posting from 12 of april sais: "InterClient
> is faster than type 4 driver (usually not more then 10%, but
> sometimes up to 100%). Other ones here in this newsgroup talk
> about up to 5 times slower. Another posting I found sais that the
> firebird network is not optimized, so JCA-JDBC "has to be" slower.
> What about these postings? They all end either in the result that
> JCA-JDBC is slower or have an open end.

I would say they have open end. I think, most these postings refer to
cases where no real performance test was made. We should have to
develop some performance suite to make comparisons. After this we can
talk about performance issues. But more important issue is
conformance to specs/reliability. If you have fast driver that
crashes, it has no value.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy