Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: InterClient vs. JCA-JDBC
Author Carsten Schäfer
i know that there are no real performance tests done,
but my simple tests shows me that with the actual src the type 4-driver is about 2 times slower with simple selects (like "select * from table where id>0") than interclient.
With inserts or update i have no problems, but in my aplication tehere are no mass inserts so i could test it.

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Subject: [Firebird-Java] Re: InterClient vs. JCA-JDBC

> Hi,
> > What about the discussions in this newsgroup? Having no other
> > experience than just reading the news here I would come to the
> > result that connecting via JCA-JDBC is much more slower than via
> > interclient. Your own posting from 12 of april sais: "InterClient
> > is faster than type 4 driver (usually not more then 10%, but
> > sometimes up to 100%). Other ones here in this newsgroup talk
> > about up to 5 times slower. Another posting I found sais that the
> > firebird network is not optimized, so JCA-JDBC "has to be" slower.
> >
> > What about these postings? They all end either in the result that
> > JCA-JDBC is slower or have an open end.
> I would say they have open end. I think, most these postings refer to
> cases where no real performance test was made. We should have to
> develop some performance suite to make comparisons. After this we can
> talk about performance issues. But more important issue is
> conformance to specs/reliability. If you have fast driver that
> crashes, it has no value.