Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: InterClient vs. JCA-JDBC
Thanks for your fast answer,

> Hi,
> > I'm just evaluating access to Firebird 1.0 from Java-JDBC.
> >
> > I just have two Topics:
> > 1. Performance
> I have no information that anybody made any real comparison of FB
> type 4 driver and InterClient. So, I doubt you can find information
> on this topic somewhere.
> type 4 driver might outperform InterClient in multithreaded
> applications, because InterClient is not multithreaded (but is thread
> safe). type 4 driver might be slower when your requests have small
> size.

What about the discussions in this newsgroup? Having no other experience
than just reading the news here I would come to the result that connecting
via JCA-JDBC is much more slower than via interclient. Your own posting from
12 of april sais: "InterClient is faster than type 4 driver (usually not
more then
10%, but sometimes up to 100%). Other ones here in this newsgroup talk
about up to 5 times slower. Another posting I found sais that the
firebird network is not optimized, so JCA-JDBC "has to be" slower.

What about these postings? They all end either in the result that JCA-JDBC
is slower or have an open end.

Hans Georg

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