Subject Re: InterClient vs. JCA-JDBC
Author rrokytskyy

> I'm just evaluating access to Firebird 1.0 from Java-JDBC.
> I just have two Topics:
> 1. Performance

I have no information that anybody made any real comparison of FB
type 4 driver and InterClient. So, I doubt you can find information
on this topic somewhere.

type 4 driver might outperform InterClient in multithreaded
applications, because InterClient is not multithreaded (but is thread
safe). type 4 driver might be slower when your requests have small

> 2. Concurrency/Transaction/Deadlock

Both of them use only IB API. You can control transactions using
Connection.setTransactionIsolation(int) method. I do not know about
any issues that are specific to JDBC drivers.

> Anybody else told me that InterClient does not support concurrency.
> What that guy sais is that in situations of concurrency updates (in
> transactions) the last one wins! Is there any information about
> this topic? Is there any other Information about InterClient and
> concurrency/transaction/deadlock?

I did not heard that. As I said, both drivers use IB API, so they
rely on what database server decides. If server decides to kill first
transaction, so it be. You should also ask this question in IB-Supprt
group. Also you might want to read info on IBPhoenix site

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy