Subject Re: Jdbc 2.0 Patches
Author rrokytskyy

> There is one proposal I want to make before the next beta was
> delivered, mainly because I have done the work to implement it on
> my local CVS copy. I'm now sending the proposal to the list. I
> think that with this proposal will be easier for an average user to
> understand and patch the driver, and doing so help in the
> development.

Are you talking about your restructuring proposal? I will think about
it, but such refactoring requires a lot of time. I pretty sure that
we have to do refactoring sooner or later. But currently I hardly can
help you in this effort until end of June, maybe July. Also we need
support from David and Alejandro (I'm simply afraid to change
anything in jca, gds and jgds packages).

David? Alejandro? Your comments?

> Also I want to test the get/set methods before the final
> version but I don't know how many betas will be delivered. The tests
> and patches will take some time and it is better to wait for the
> beta 3.

I think there will be more than 3 beta. Or 2 beta + more than one
release candidate :) There are some big open issues that should be
addressed, like driver performance, better callable statement
support, etc. So, I would prefer to stay in endless beta that is
stable than to release unstable version.

> Finally I must commit a little document about JDBC support,
> but I will do it today.

Documentation is something we're definitely missing here... Thanks a

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy