Subject Jdbc 2.0 Patches
Author Blas Rodriguez Somoza

I have commited a few patches to the repository. Now the drivers supports jdbc 2.0 core complete and according to the
specification, excluding some of the optional features. The get/set methods was not tested, but will be tested in the inmediate

The features and methods not supported are the following:

Not supported features

- Scrollable ResultSets
- Updatable ResultSets
- BatchUpdates
- Cursors
- Custom type mapping
- Ref, Clob and Array data types.

The following methods not included in the unsupported features are not implemented or don't really work

- isReadOnly
- isWritable
- isDefinitivelyWritable

- SetEscapeProcessing
- Get/SetMaxFieldSize (implemented but don't work)
- Get/SetQueryTimeout (implemented but don't work)
- Get/SetFetchSize (implemented but don't work)

- Get/SetFetchSize (implemented but don't work)
- getObject(i,Map)
- getDate(i,calendar)
- getTime(i,calendar)
- getTimestamp(i,calendar)

- setObject(index,object,type,scale)
- setDate(i,calendar)
- setTime(i,calendar)
- setTimestamp(i,calendar)

The driver was tested with the internal tests and with jDataMaster (a tool not yet released that includes tests for JDBC

The only test that fails is part of the internal test testPoolingConnectionManager. I'm now exploring this issue.

Blas Rodriguez Somoza