Subject Re: Are Deadlocks realy handled correct?
Author rrokytskyy
> I have no experience with InterClient. Could you please
> give me one or two links?

InterClient is the only official JDBC driver (type 3 though) for
InterBase. InterClient package is available from Borland with
InterBase 6.0 OpenSource. Also you can download it from . Sources are also
available. However free version of InterClient is 2.01, Borland has
version 2.5 that is shipped with InterBase 6.5, but it is not free.

As type 3 driver, you need to run InterServer (server-side part of
InterClient) on the same host where your database server runs. On
client side you need only interclient.jar

URL has form: jdbc:interbase://hostname/path/to/database.gdb
Driver name: interbase.interclient.Driver

> > Be sure to set
> > transaction isolation explicitly (our driver and InterClient might
> > have different default values).
> Ooops! I thought the only one beeing responsible for isolation-leve
> ist the database.

In JDBC you set transaction using
java.sql.Connection.setTransactionIsolation(int) method.

> I think there is no need for a JUnit and it will become difficult
> handling concurrency. You just have to run my simple programm twice.
> There are only two differences: the update-Statements have to be
> cross-over and put a Thread.currentThread(1000+5) in one of both
> programms to have enough time to start the second programm.

Ok, I will try it.

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy