Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Are Deadlocks realy handled correct?
> > > Be sure to set
> > > transaction isolation explicitly (our driver and InterClient might
> > > have different default values).
> >
> > Ooops! I thought the only one beeing responsible for isolation-level
> > ist the database.
> In JDBC you set transaction using
> java.sql.Connection.setTransactionIsolation(int) method.

I know how to set the TransactionIsolation. But what I think is,
that the only one who has the competence to act with Isolation-Levels
is the database. I think JDBC in any way is just for hand-over!
Following this, there musn't bee a difference in acting with
different drivers!

> > I think there is no need for a JUnit and it will become difficult
> > handling concurrency. You just have to run my simple programm twice.
> > There are only two differences: the update-Statements have to be
> > cross-over and put a Thread.currentThread(1000+5) in one of both
> > programms to have enough time to start the second programm.
> Ok, I will try it.

Sorry! It seems to me that my last news posting did not recieve the
The program runs correct running the programms not in debug-mode.
Perhaps JBuilder hangs up! Starting the programs regular everything
fine. The deadlcok ist recognized and the program which started the
first winns. The other programm gets a "GDSException: deadlock"! Fine.

Again. It seems to be a problem of debugging in JBuilder!

Thanks, ciao
Hans Georg