Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Are Deadlocks realy handled correct?
rrokytskyy schrieb:
> Can you test your example with InterClient?

I have no experience with InterClient. Could you please
give me one or two links?

> Be sure to set
> transaction isolation explicitly (our driver and InterClient might
> have different default values).

Ooops! I thought the only one beeing responsible for isolation-leve
ist the database.

> Also I would appreciate if you can
> post standalone testcase (JUnit if possible) to test this situation.

I think there is no need for a JUnit and it will become difficult
handling concurrency. You just have to run my simple programm twice.
There are only two differences: the update-Statements have to be
cross-over and put a Thread.currentThread(1000+5) in one of both
programms to have enough time to start the second programm.

Hans Georg