Subject Re: Strange errors with JDBC driver
Author rrokytskyy
> Ok, we've added that are testing it currently and will submit it to
> you. Thanks to this addition also generic SQL tools (like the
> Excellent Squirrel tool) can be used with Firebird.

Thanks, I received your code, and will check it today or tomorrow,
and will commit to CVS.

> Firebird database: UNICODE_FSS
> Lc_ctype: UNICODE_FSS

be sure that it is "lc_ctype", not "Lc_ctype". All supported
connection properties are case sensitive.

> If I look at the data using ibconsole it looks good, If I retrieve
> it in a Java application I see a square symbol and not é

Can it be issue with font in swing application? Can you try some
other Swing tools like JDBC Explorer from Borland (unfortunatelly you
can get it only as part of BAS or JBuilder).

Best regards,
Roman Rokytskyy