Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Strange errors with JDBC driver
Author Jan Aleman
> No chance. Currently properties encoded in URL are not supported. If
> you wish you can add this feature to your code, and I will commit it
> to main tree if everything is ok.

Ok, we've added that are testing it currently and will submit it to you.
Thanks to this addition also generic SQL tools (like the Excellent
Squirrel tool) can be used with Firebird.

I am still experiencing strange behaviour.


Firebird database: UNICODE_FSS

I insert the character é into a varchar

If I look at the data using ibconsole it looks good, If I retrieve it in
a Java application I see a square symbol and not é

If I do the above with WIN1252 it works properly. What am I doing wrong?

Jan Aleman