Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Strange errors with JDBC driver
Author Jan Aleman
> > Ok, we've added that are testing it currently and will submit it to
> > you. Thanks to this addition also generic SQL tools (like the
> > Excellent Squirrel tool) can be used with Firebird.
> Thanks, I received your code, and will check it today or tomorrow,
> and will commit to CVS.


> > Firebird database: UNICODE_FSS
> > Lc_ctype: UNICODE_FSS
> be sure that it is "lc_ctype", not "Lc_ctype". All supported
> connection properties are case sensitive.

Yes, it was my friendly outlook that decided that lines should start
with caps, luckily my IDE (Eclipse) doesn't share that opinion :-)

> > If I look at the data using ibconsole it looks good, If I retrieve
> > it in a Java application I see a square symbol and not é
> Can it be issue with font in swing application? Can you try some
> other Swing tools like JDBC Explorer from Borland (unfortunatelly you
> can get it only as part of BAS or JBuilder).

I'm quite sure this is not an font issue for several reasons:
-I'm not aware of any font that doesn't contain the é character
-If I use win1252 the character shows properly
-If I insert the character in the same applications it looks good at
insert time but square at select time
-I've tested this on 4 different machines (all windows XP/2000 though)

Jan Aleman