Subject javax.sql.DataSource required
Author psalvan2002
Hi all,

I've just lost 2 hours installing the beta1 jdbc driver under
JB6, 'cause org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver requires at run.time the
little class javax.sql.DataSource, downloadable from sun.
Is this class really required? If yes, can it be inserted in the
driver jar or in the "lib" dir of the official dist in order to
simplify the installation process?
Else, a simple note in the installation doc stating what this file is
and where it can be downloaded will save other users hours installing
the driver....

Another note: using JB6 I'm getting some "NotJetImplemented"
exception; I'd like to have src so I can see WHAT is not implemented:
can the src package of the b1 driver be putted in the download area
of sf?

Thank for the attention