Subject Re: javax.sql.DataSource required
Author rrokytskyy
> I've just lost 2 hours installing the beta1 jdbc driver under
> JB6, 'cause org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver requires at run.time the
> little class javax.sql.DataSource, downloadable from sun.
> Is this class really required?

Yes, it is really required.

> If yes, can it be inserted in the
> driver jar or in the "lib" dir of the official dist in order to
> simplify the installation process?

We will correct this issue.

> Else, a simple note in the installation doc stating what this file
> is and where it can be downloaded will save other users hours
> installing the driver....
> Another note: using JB6 I'm getting some "NotJetImplemented"
> exception; I'd like to have src so I can see WHAT is not
> implemented: can the src package of the b1 driver be putted in the
> download area of sf?

sources are available with anonymous CVS account. SF has description
what to do to check-out sources. module name is 'client-java'.

Best regards
Roman Rokytskyy