Subject Re: about the deadlock problem
Author rrokytskyy
> Yes, maybe, I've also thought that. I would happily try to find this
> bug. Even in FB 1.0 on Linux or in FB 1.0 in Windows, because ONE OF
> THEM is buggy. But I'm not familiar with C/C++, even I don't know
> where to start. Although it seems I'm not the only one who met this
> problem, I'm afraid there is noone who is interested in debugging
> this. Only Pavel wrote a mail, and even he told this is not a bug.

Unfortunatelly, we cannot force them to check this problem. I will
try to help you in this issue.

What I would do first would be the rebuild of one of the native
components from the source. What we need to, is to check what DPB and
TPB are provided there and make them the same in driver. I made some
changes in InterServer and the DPB they are using is very simple:


I also made that changes to my sources of type 4 driver. I had no
time to check the TPB of InterClient in case of

And we have to check what is used by FIBPlus or IBX. After having
exact DPB/TPB settings we can try to create a unit test for native
component using only API calls. The same we should do in Java. And if
the bug is there, post it to bug tracker.

This is quite an amount of work. Can you do this native code research
(I do not have Delphi/IBX). I would do the InterClient check.

> Maybe not a bug of the Linux version, but in this case this is a
> bug a Windows version.
> I don't know if sending a bug report helps or not, but as you told I
> even can't decide if it is the bug of FB-Linux of FB-Windows.

Let's try to get some more results. BTW, there was similar posting in
InterClient newsgroup. I will check the replies.