Subject about the deadlock problem
Author Marczisovszky Daniel
Dear Roman,

I read your comment about the deadlock on fb-devel, saying deadlock
was caused by incorrect transaction handling. Actually I did not
understand that. Were speaking about that problem that the driver did
not commit when autocommit state was changed? Because I have also
tried with the latest driver from the CVS and it did not help either.

Or is there any other bug in the JDBC driver? Please explain. If this
deadlock-like issue is solved then this is another step to the
solution :) I hope, at least.

Best wishes,

>> The java program opens a connection. It reads a
>> record from the "test" table and it prints it out.
>> After that it waits a few seconds, and start it
>> again, but always with the same connection. This
>> works quite well. But if you connect to that
>> database from e.g isql (but you may also try IBO,
>> FIBPlus, IBX with DelphI), so after connecting FB
>> behaves like having a deadlock. The java program
>> stops writing out the record. Roman Rokytskyy told
>> me the same happens for him on Windows, I could not
>> reproduce that on my Windows install. If I issue a
>> commit; in isql the java will continue. Moreover if
>> removed rs.close() and st.close(), which are not
>> required by JDBC, only suggested, this
>> deadlock-like thing does not happen any more.

>See above. My deadlock problem was caused by incorrect
>transaction handling within the Java code, no native
>component was involved.