Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: about the deadlock problem
Author Marczisovszky Daniel
>> By the way it works on Windows perfectly and works with IB 6.5 on
>> Linux as well. I've not changed anything in the driver. This is the
>> reason why I think this a special bug related only to the Linux
>> version of FB.

r> Or it is related to Windows and runs ok on Linux :) And there's a bug
r> in 6.5. Until we find the reason why it is so, we cannot tell where
r> the bug is.

Yes, maybe, I've also thought that. I would happily try to find this
bug. Even in FB 1.0 on Linux or in FB 1.0 in Windows, because ONE OF
THEM is buggy. But I'm not familiar with C/C++, even I don't know
where to start. Although it seems I'm not the only one who met this
problem, I'm afraid there is noone who is interested in debugging
this. Only Pavel wrote a mail, and even he told this is not a bug.

Maybe not a bug of the Linux version, but in this case this is a bug a
Windows version.

I don't know if sending a bug report helps or not, but as you told I
even can't decide if it is the bug of FB-Linux of FB-Windows.

Best wishes,