Subject AW: AW: [Firebird-Java] What Interclient version to use and ...
Author Michael Weissenbacher
afaik interclient 2.01 should support all versions from interbase 6 open
until firebird 1.0. personally, i've only used it with the 1.0 rc's and with
1.0 final, so i can't say if there is a problem with 0.9x.
which operating system do you use? if using linux, make sure that the inetd
daemon is started. always try to telnet port 3060. if it doesn't answer
there is a problem with your inetd configuration. make sure that the
interserver binary has x rights. here is my line for interserver from my
interserver stream tcp nowait.100 firebird
/opt/interbase/interserver/interserver interserver

there is a problem on windows that i've noticed recently. you will have to
add the following line:
interserver 3060/tcp # InterBase InterServer
to your services file because it is not added automatically

hope this helps

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At 13:08 5/4/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>are you really sure you have used both interserver and interclient.jar
>provided in the interclient_201 package?

Because on this machine never was installed java or interclient. It is a
machine used on deployment.
And I just download and install this file on it.
What version of firebird interclient_201 supports. This machine has 0.9x
installed. This can be the problem ?

>have you tried to telnetting the server on port 3060?
>you should see some binay data and the word InterServer.

I will do this test.

I am making setup on a VMWare virtual machine just to test this. On this
machine I am getting a connection refused when jdbc try to connect. But
interclient is installed as readme file talks. When I telnet port 3060 it
refuse the connection. So on this case I think the problem is the
interserver is not running. What to do on this case ?

Danilo Luiz Rheinheimer
Sony Clié 615C

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