Subject getObject do not return NULL
Author Henner Kollmann

found a bug in Interclient 2.01:

the function getObject do not return NULL if values in the db are NULL

JDBC doc says:
'public Object getObject(String columnName)
throws SQLException

This method will return the value of the given column as a Java object.
The type of the Java object will be the default Java
object type corresponding to the column's SQL type, following
the mapping for built-in types specified in the JDBC
If the value is an SQL NULL, the driver returns a Java null. ' <--- here

I patched the source in

synchronized public Object getObject (int column) throws
// 20020222-HKK: JDBC 2.0 compliant!!!
if (isNullPreamble (column))
return null;

Maybe someone could change this in source?


Henner Kollmann