Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Full BLOB support in auto-commit case
Author David Jencks
On 2002.02.27 18:31:10 -0500 Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> Could somebody describe the problem with storing blobs
> in the auto-commit case? Why not let the database do
> the caching?
> Ann
While fine for firebird, multiple simultaneous transactions don't go well
with jdbc. Autocommit means each sql statement is executed in it's own
transaction. So if you have 2 prepared statements p1 and p2 each with a
blob field, you need to be able to do

p1.setObject(1, binaryData);
p2.setObject(1, otherBinaryData);

If you send the blob data to the db in the setObject call, you will need 2
simultaneous transactions.

If you exercise moderate amounts of sense and shun autocommit like the
plague, no caching is needed or used.

david jencks